Saucy Hour


Weekly blog hosted by D Tipsy and J Lush... two "saucy" girls dishing it ALL out over cocktails and laughs!  We are talking drinks, food, travel, art, music, human sexuality and more. Follow us as we explore various hot spots in NYC and beyond, looking for perfect places to enjoy our version of happy hour !

"On the Rocks"  Tune in and get a "backstage pass" as we chat with various musicians and people in the industry to get the 411 on latest news, funny road stories and more!




D Tipsy was born and raised in a suburb just outside of Chicago, IL. As soon as she could hold a pencil, D found her love for drawing & art. Growing up watching Disney movies, she spent hours at her kitchen table drawing her favorite characters and dreaming of being an animator at Disney studios. As she grew older, passion for art & music grew, as well as her love for animals. In 2012, D graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Art & Design.

These days D resides on the east coast as a Freelance Graphic Designer, as well as a Web & Social Media Manager for a multi-platnium rock band. She also loves to travel every year with her family, go to concerts, spend time with her cat(s) and "forest friends", as well as work on her various art projects.  "I have a bit of what I like to call Art ADD. I tend to have too many projects going at once, so sometimes it takes me forever to finish something before i'm already onto the next.. haha". Some of her work can be seen at her online portfolio D also created her own tee shirt and beaded bracelet line that can be found at

When she peels herself away from her office, D loves meeting up with her friends and sharing laughs about this crazy thing we call life...(over cocktails of course). "There is nothing a night of laughing with good friends can't cure."



  "Born on a beautiful summer evening this one had spirit, an unbreakable will. She was precocious, oh she's a wild one!" ~ J Lush's mom

J Lush was born and raised in a small town on the eastern border of Pennsylvania. She had many interests, hobbies, and talents including ballet dancing and art. At the young age of twelve, she got her very first job as a figure skating instructor.  When J was fifteen, a modeling scout discovered her while she was out shopping with her mom. Little did she know that her life would never be the same. Modeling opened the door to not only life experience, but an opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing places. She spent her down time on the road with former relationships, while chasing down a dream (modeling) that was never really her own.

It wasn't until March of 2012, that J realized what her true dream was.  Being professionally trained in ballet and having a passion for art,  J found a way to fuse the two together by dancing on canvas in her pointe shoes.  "When I'm painting I have an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, I know I have found my calling!"  In addition to painting, her other calling ... "a passion for the booze", she jokes.

Cocktails, rock-n-roll, amazing food, travel and living a lifestyle of fun and passion, is what inspired these two to create Saucy Hour! They met through their mutual friend in the music industry and instantly clicked. "It's been all downhill ever since", they laugh. Some may call them two peas in a pod, however they may prefer two ice cubes in a glass of bourbon. As there is never a dull moment or conversation...


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